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      Maria L & Monica G

      Can we please seek some advice from secondary teachers with regard to the oral assessment task rubric?
      Monica and I are finding that adding another task to an already crowded curriculum is a big challenge at this time of the year. Have you used the tasks provided or have you adapted an existing task and modified the rubric?
      any feedback would be most appreciated.

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      Giuliana M

      Hi Maria and Monica, it can be difficult to fit in extra tasks and learning at this time of the year, however, some of the TEAL tasks have been designed to fit into your everyday program, for example reporting on some recent learning or what you had for lunch (pending on student levels).
      I would suggest you look for a task that fits into your program or even in another subject area for example reporting on a graph task.
      Many of the tasks stand alone and do not require a lot of additional teaching, so they should not be too hard to do. Many teachers who have used the tasks report that the experience and information collected about the students is very useful. I guess it depends on your purpose. If you just want to have a go, try a task out with a student or two you have particular concerns about. You can also run a task with a whole class. the trick is to start slowly and keep it manageable.
      I would not recommend that you change the existing task or modify the rubric. The rubrics have been designed specifically to fit with the task and samples of student work.
      What you can do, however, is use the TEAL tasks as a model to develop your own assessment tasks and a rubric. You could then also use the video samples on the EAL Continuum website to help you assess what EAL stage the students are at. Hope this has been helpful.

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