Marvellous Melbourne – Years 3 and 4, Levels B1 and B2

About this unit:

This unit of work illustrates a teaching and learning cycle that builds students’ knowledge of Melbourne such as main sites, transport, a brief history, food, art and culture, as well as grammatical and language structures to support EAL students’ ability to jointly and independently constructed written persuasive text that encourage readers to come to Melbourne. The main language focus of this unit is the use of persuasive language such as modal verbs, adverbs, evaluative adjectives, superlatives, comparatives and rhetorical questions. The teaching and learning activities incorporate a range of ICT programs such as Google Maps and Minecraft’s Mini Melbourne, to create oral language learning experiences for EAL students at levels B1 and B2 and shows how language and topic content can be integrated to form a coherent unit of work. LMERC has also provided a reading list of related resources available for borrowing.

Credit to Carolyn Tsianakas from Noble Park English Language School for her contributions to this unit.

Overview of the unit:

Complete unit of work:

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Blank templates:

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