Benchmarking forum

The Benchmarking Forum is the forum to visit if you’d like to moderate online, or to look at samples of work that teachers have already moderated using TEAL materials.

Given that this forum is only visible to registered TEAL site users who have logged into the site, it’s also the place to go to if you’d like to ask a question of fellow EAL teachers, with that extra measure of privacy.  Some commonly asked questions about logging in are listed below the log-in button.

  1. How do I register to use this forum?: If you are a teacher in a Victorian school and you would like to have access to this forum, simply register as a TEAL site user here.
  2. Where do I log in? Log in via the link on the top left hand corner of this page (or any page of this site).
  3. I’ve forgotten my TEAL password! Click here to reset your password.
  4. I’ve registered but I’ve struck the words “Fancy meeting you here!” Log in to the site and try again.
  5. Help! I still can’t log in! Just contact us and we’ll help you out. 

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