RVEAL – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is RVEAL?

RVEAL is an online assessment instrument developed for use with EAL learners in Years 3 to 10. The instrument is designed to provide formative assessment information about students’ reading and vocabulary skills and knowledge.

2. Does RVEAL replace other assessments?

RVEAL is not intended to function as a stand-alone assessment instrument or to provide a proxy assessment of a student’s overall language proficiency. Ongoing assessment across all aspects of speaking and listening, reading and viewing and writing, should be used to gain the most comprehensive possible picture of a student’s English language proficiency and to inform the development of learning programs.

RVEAL is part of a wider set of assessment tools located on the TEAL website.

3. How can teachers access RVEAL?

There are conditions attached to the use of RVEAL. This will enable the Department to carry out further quality assurance monitoring of the assessments.

In order to access the assessments, teachers will be required to:

  • complete a short online survey providing information about any Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualifications and EAL-related teaching experience
  • provide teacher judgement data for participating students (an indicative assessment of students in the Reading and Viewing mode of the EAL Developmental Continuum, for example, B1 or S2).

4. How many assessments will teachers administer?

Teachers will be required to administer two RVEAL assessments on consecutive weeks, with a period of approximately one week between assessment days. The one week period ensures that increased learning will not impact on student results for the second assessment. The administration of two assessments will enable a richer data set to be collected and analysed.

5. Do teachers receive student reports?

Teachers can access individual and class level reports on the Insight Assessment Platform. System level reports are available to school administrators to enable tracking of year level cohorts.

6. Can any student in Years 3 – 10 undertake RVEAL?

Students need some literacy and computer skills to complete an assessment. RVEAL is not designed for students who are absolute beginners or with limited literacy in English.

7. How will RVEAL support the new Victorian Curriculum F–10 EAL?

The draft Victorian Curriculum F–10 EAL was released in Term 1 2019. The curriculum is available for schools and teachers to review and provide feedback. RVEAL will be re-aligned and updated as needed to ensure that it continues to support effective assessment practices alongside the new curriculum.



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