Reading and Vocabulary Assessment Tool (RVEAL)

The Reading and Vocabulary assessment for EAL students (RVEAL) is available to all schools in Victoria.

  1. To be eligible to use the RVEAL tool, you must be a teacher in a primary or secondary school in Victoria, Australia. Please only request access if you meet this eligibility requirement.
  2. To request access, please email
  3. For more information about how to set up and administer the assessment, see RVEAL School Guide for Teachers and Insight Administrators in government schools. 

Additional resources

1. Step-by-step guide to administering TEAL RVEAL

2. RVEAL – Frequently Asked Questions

3. Using the Insight Assessment Platform – Frequently Asked Questions

4. Development of the RVEAL assessment instrument – Frequently Asked Questions


By using the RVEAL tool, you are consenting to keeping its contents private. No copying or sharing of the test contents, via phone or any other method, is permitted. 


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