Using the Insight Assessment Platform

1. How do I log on to the Insight Platform?

You use your edumail credentials to log on to the Insight Assessment Platform. Your username is your Employee ID/TO number and the password is your edumail password.

 2. I am the home group teacher of the students I want to assess. What do I do?

You can log on to the Insight Platform and assign the RVEAL assessments to your class as soon as RVEAL has been made available to your school.

 3. I am NOT the home group teacher. What do I do?

You will need to ask an Insight Administrator at your school to create an ad hoc group on the Insight Platform for you. You can then assign the assessments to your group.

4. How do I find out who the Insight Administrators are at my school?

You can ask your principal or the administrative staff at your school.

5. How can I become an Insight Administrator?

Your principal can nominate teachers to become Insight Administrators by sending a request to the Service Desk. The Service Desk can be contacted in the following ways:

6. I can’t see my name on the list of teachers in the drop-down menu on the Insight Platform. What should I do?

You will not see your name on this list if you are not a home group teacher and you have not yet been attached to an ad hoc group. As soon as the Insight Administrator has created the group, and attached you to it, your name will appear in the drop-down menu. You can then log on to the platform and assign the RVEAL assessments to the group.

If the Insight Administrator cannot see your name in the drop-down menu, make sure that your details (name, edumail address and Employee ID/TO number) are entered correctly in the CASES21 portal. The administrative staff in your school will be able to check this. Any changes made by 4 pm will be carried over to the Insight Platform by the next day.

7. RVEAL has been made available to my school but I can’t see the assessments when I log on to Insight. What should I do?

 Please contact the Service Desk.


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