Unit 9: Macbeth Text Study – Years 9 and 10, C3 and C4

About this unit:

This unit of work illustrates how assessment tasks can be integrated in a text study unit focused on William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ for students at C3-C4 level. This unit plan can be used with the original text or a modern English/EAL adapted version. The language covered in the unit includes passive voice, nominalisation (ambitious – ambition), and verbs and sentence structures useful for analysing literature (“This suggests that…”). The main summative assessment task is an analytical text response essay. The unit starts with a table presenting an overview of the content of the unit. This is followed by a detailed description of teaching, learning and assessment activities that show how language and topic content can be integrated to form a coherent unit of work.

Overview of the unit:

Complete unit of work:

To read the complete unit on Macbeth, click below.

Blank templates:

Looking for blank templates that you can use for your own unit planning? Click below.


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