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      I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your school year. I initially set out to post a link to the TEAL Professional Learning page on Knowing your Students– given it’s the start of a new year.  However in addition to doing so (please do go there :)), I’d also love to ask for your input on this topic. 

      I’d love to hear with your own thoughts on how YOU get to know your new students, either at the beginning of the year, or when new students arrive mid term.

      • Are there any particular activities you use or can recommend?
      • Did anyone use those included on the page I linked to above?
      • Are there any particular resources you use? 
      • Was any activity particularly successful this term? 

      Thanks in advance for sharing what works for you- although I don’t have a class at the moment, I’m sure it would benefit the teachers who visit this site. Thanks 🙂


      ps to reply, first log in to the site (top left of the page) using your TEAL user name and password. Alternatively, you can share your opinion on our Facebook page.

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