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Thank you for your interest in becoming a registered user of the Tools to Enhance Assessment Literacy site.

As a registered user, you will be able to

  • view all posts in the private Benchmarking Forum, and will be able to
  • post in any of our forums.

Eligibility: You must be a primary or secondary teacher in a Victorian school to register as a TEAL site user. Doing so is quick, and it’s free.


Method 1 (Self-registration): Recommended during the school holidays

  1. If you’d like to register yourself, please complete this form. (Use your Edumail/Catholic Ed/School address, as the system rejects Gmail etc.) If your email address is being rejected by our system, sign up using Method 2, below. 
  2. You will have access to the Benchmarking Forum immediately. Just log in via the top left hand corner of any page of this site, and head to the forums.
  3. To be able to post in any of our forums, your details will still need to be added by us, manually. This is usually a quick process, but could take up to 12 hours. (NB- If you sign up after 21 December, this will occur on January 29, 2019.) 

Method 2 (We’ll take care of everything for you.) Registration requests received during the school holidays will be processed on January 29.

  1. Complete the following form. You will receive an automated email. (Check your junk mail folder if you don’t have it within a minute.) We will then add your details manually. Once we’ve done this you’ll receive a second automated email.
  2. Click on the confirmation link contained in this email. It is important that you do so within 48 hours, as this link will expire. Doing so will activate your account.
  3. You will then be set to log in to the site (via the top left hand corner of any page), and will be able to post in the forums. 
I'd like to register as a TEAL site user

I'd like to register as a TEAL site user

Become a registered site user. Information you provide will not be made public.

First name
This information will not be made public.
Leave this section blank if you do not yet have a Global2 account, or if you can't remember your user name.
Teachers in DET schools, please use your Edumail address. You will be able to change this once you have registered, if you wish. Note that the system rejects Gmail and domain names that are not unique to Victorian schools.
User names must be at least 4 characters in length, and contain LOWER CASE LETTERS AND NUMBERS ONLY. (No capital letters). We'll do our best to give you your preferred user name, but may not be able to if it is already taken.

If you are having any difficulties registering as a site user, please let us know

  • If you think you are ineligible to sign up as a TEAL site user but would like to share something with our TEAL community, please feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to post on your behalf. 
  • If you registered in the past but didn’t manage to click on your activation link in time, just sign up again. 
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