EAL Continuum/AusVels English alignment

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      I believe a resource exits that shows an estimated alignment between the EAL Continuum and AusVels English levels. Could someone direct me to such a resource, please?

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      Hi Barbara
      Thanks for your question.

      The ‘rainbow’ diagram on page 6 of the EAL Companion shows the relationship between the Continuum stages and the AusVELs English Achievement standards.

      Anyone who might know more, please feel free to post. (i.e. I’m not sure of alignment with the Victorian Curriculum, but someone more informed will hopefully respond here, too.)


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      I’ve not heard of that document, but I’d been keen to have a look too!

      I know there is a document from the Aus Curriculum that provides planning considerations for EAL and it does relate to the Vic Curriculum. It gives suggestions for EAL students being taught in the mainstream classroom. I have used this doc alongside the Vic Curriculum and created a document for the 5/6 teachers for planning considerations at my school which I’m happy to share if you’d like.

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