Connections between the writing and oral tasks

A number of TEAL common assessment tasks relate to other TEAL tasks, so you can explore similarities and differences in EAL learners’ English language skills in different modes, such as speaking and writing, and so that you can explore how well students might perform when working with different text types on a given topic, or the same text type on different topics.

For more information on tasks related to particular activities, look at the ‘Task information’ and the ‘Nature and purpose of the task’ sections for each task.

You can also use the information in the table below when using the TEAL Common Oral and Writing Assessment Tools to plan units of work for your students.


Macrofunction           Writing task      Oral task                  Comments                                           
Informative Task 1: My weekend Task 1: My weekend Students describe what they did on the weekend in spoken and oral modes.

Task 5: Story retell

Task 16: A ghost story

Task 3: Story retell

Task 12: Retelling a folk story or legend

Students retell a narrative by either writing or speaking to an audience.
Persuasive Task 4: How to make an origami dog

Task 4: How to make an origami dog

Task 7: Playing a card game

Students give instructions about how to complete a task.
Informative Task 17: What I learn at school

Task 6: What I learn at school

Task 11: Report on recent learning

Students report on something they have recently learned at school.
Persuasive Task 11: Job application Task 21: Job interview role play Students write an application for an advertised job, and are involved in a role play job interview.
Informative Task 21: An explanation of the water cycle Task 14: Description of a cycle Students talk or write an explanation about a cycle with which they are familiar.
Persuasive Task 14: Writing an advertisement Task 20: A sales talk Students try to sell an item, either by writing an advertisement or giving a sales talk.
Informative Task 18: Information report on a given survey Task 10: Interpreting a graph Students describe some information presented in a graph or diagram.

Task 19: A book review

Task 20: A film review

 Task 19: A book or film review Students write or talk about a literary work they have recently read, viewed or studied.





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