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    Hi there,

    Our P-12 school is in the very early stages of developing an EAL program. We realise that all staff, including specialist teachers, need to be cognizant of the needs of EAL learners in their classrooms. My question is, given the time constraints in every school, what would be the most important information to expect staff to digest in the brief amount of time allocated to EAL PL?

    I am specifically referring to a secondary setting for this question.



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    Hi Sam

    Just wondering how your school is going with your new EAL program?

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    My school doesn’t use the EAL continuum or EAL reports, so I am very interested in this topic. A team of three is currently doing the ‘TEAL’ three day training, then we will be in a better position to present what we’ve learnt to the staff. The timing is good for us with the introduction of the new EAL curriculum.

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    My colleague and I shared some of the learning we have done through the TEAL Professional Learning sessions with our whole staff. We had an hour staff meeting to introduce the TEAL website. We gave a brief orientation of the website sections. Then we asked our colleagues to observe the Listening and Speaking Assessment samples and complete the relative rubrics. We received very positive feedback from our peers. I would suggest taking it slowly so you do not bombard your staff members with too much too soon. Give them a section to work on, such as Listening and Speaking, trial some of the assessment activities, regroup and reflect on what went well or what you would do differently next time and then move onto your next focus area. Good luck.

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