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      At Bethal Primary School we are looking at buying some new resources for our EAL students.
      We would like to purchase new ‘engaging’ reading books for our EAL students in the upper years. However, we are finding that most of the books with accessible language are pictures books. Do you recommend any publishers that may have age appropriate books with accessible language?
      Thanks 🙂

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      I have had a similar issue with texts for secondary EAL students (particularly those with less than a year of English study). The Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre (LMERC) in the city is a good resource if you can get there, and Jenny who works there is a great help. My favourite text to use with students (although I’ve struggled to find it to purchase outside of LMERC) is a collection of TED talks called “Keynote” with corresponding activities that cover all of the assessment areas (reading and viewing, writing, speaking and listening).

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        Hi Sara

        I agree with mrslpr, Jenny at LMERC is fantastic and would have lots of ideas. Perhaps you could also get in touch with a nearby language centre or school? They often have lots of great age appropriate resources and they would probably be happy to give you some recommendatons for authors or publishers. Good luck!

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