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    This is an awesome site and will be so useful! I’m wondering if you knew that this link: “8. Common Reading and Vocabulary Tasks and Criteria” on your ‘Common Reading & Vocabulary Assessment Tool’ page, leads to a 404 error. I wasn’t sure if the content is just yet to be added, or whether there is actually a mistake on the site. (I hope it’s the latter – I want to use the resources asap!)


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    Hi Susie,

    Unfortunately we can’t yet upload the reading and vocabulary assessment tools as they are computer- based diagnostic tests and we are still validating them. Hopefully by the end of the years



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    I’m trying to locate the reading clips, in particular Numbers 31 & 36.
    I have the indicators of progress with the time frames from the clips which demonstrate specific indicators, however I have been unable to find the actual clips.

    Are you send me the link to these clips please.

    Thank you.

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