Impact of age on performance in a TEAL assessment task

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      I just read this in the commentary for the “story retell Oral Task” –

      “Age is also likely to be a factor in the students’ ability to produce a sustained, unprompted retell, and to maintain the use of grammatical features such as using the first person, or past tense. Younger students are more likely to need teacher prompting and questioning to add appropriate detail to their stories.”

      In my school, I completed the same story retell task (written and oral) across Prep-2 and used it for moderation. Considering what a child is developmentally capable of, adds another layer of complexity to moderating. Eg. a Prep student’s piece of writing may have been shorter (and therefore less detailed) than a Grade 2 student’s writing – but both were deemed to be at the same stage on the continuum.

      Has anyone else experienced this? I’d love to hear your reflections.


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