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      I’m posting this here for those of you who have come to the TEAL site without visiting our ‘What’s New?” page.

      Main points: The draft of the F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) curriculum has just been released. The new curriculum follows extensive feedback on consultation drafts and has been developed by a specialist team comprised of Professor Chris Davison, Dr Alan Williams and Dr Michael Michell.

      The new curriculum

      • provides three learning pathways, with the appropriate pathway determined by a range of factors, including prior learning
      • presents the study as a curriculum domain in its own right, rather than as a ‘companion’ to the English curriculum
      • connects EAL progression to both the English curriculum and the curriculum in other learning areas.

      Feedback on the new curriculum will be sought from 23 April until 29 August 2019. A final version of the curriculum will be released in December 2019 for implementation in 2020. You can access the curriculum here.


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      After having a fairly preliminary look at the document, a few things stand out: a)the document is physically easy to follow and well laid-out making it a user-friendly document in that sense, b)it is a document that seems to have also been produced with non-EAL teachers in mind – those classroom teachers who have EAL students, but may themselves, not be specifically EAL trained, which is an improvement from the previous version c)it seems better aligned to the success indicators of the Victorian Curric. which is also an improvement to the document

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      I agree with all of your points. I haven’t had a chance to read it really closely yet. I really like the addition of plurilingualism and I think that is a concept that all teachers should be aware of!

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      I agree with the first post. It is a lot more user friendly and the layout is easier to read at first glance. I did notice there were some added comments to the progression profiles. Any extra bit of information helps make the assessment process a lit easier when it comes to evaluating the stage of development students are moving out of and towards in their learning.

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      I agree the draft curriculum is easy to read and will be helpful for all people to use whether as an EAL or non EAL teacher.

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      The new curriculum is definitely a step in the right direction. I love the way the sub-skills are presented in separate rows. It would be great if the sub-skills were named and the progression across the Levels was always consistent.

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      Initially I felt that the success indicators were too broad compared to the current rubrics, and I felt that this could lead to a lot of vague subjective assessment. However, the more I go over the success indicators and the progression levels, the simpler the task of assessing appears, with a better fluidity to progress. The current rubrics now appear to be over-populated with success criteria, which can make assessment a nightmare for non-EAL trained teachers to get their heads around and provide enough evidence of each point. The new curriculum makes the process simpler for non-EAL trained teachers to focus on the skills and to plan work more easily.

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      I am also quite a fan of the layout, I imagine that it’s going to make constructing rubrics alot easier too. I look forward to becoming more familiar with it.

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      I think this is a wonderful move to put EAL in line with mainstream assessment. It will no longer be seen as something separate but something that can be easily used by EAL and non-EAL teachers alike.

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      I agree with the above comments about the layout, similar to vic curric so easy to follow. I am yet to have a proper look and read supporting documents, however it seems quite easy to follow. Like all curriculum statements, it does need some unpacking and discussion.

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      As a teacher from a large multicultural school, I am excited to see F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) curriculum has just been released. I agree with the comments above – it will put EAL in line with mainstream assessment and be a valuable tool for EAL and non-EAL teachers alike

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