3. Completing a weather chart

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Task details

Name of writing assessment task Completing a weather chart
EAL student stage range  A1, A2, BL, B1, SL
Text orientation Informative
Task type Cued response



Task specification

Purpose  To assess students’ ability to construct simple report text
Description  Students complete a weather chart based on picture cues
Assumed knowledge and description
  1. Content knowledge: Familiarity with different weather conditions.  Students have already completed a weather record for a few days as full class activity
  2. Text type, genre: Simple report, forecasting the weather
  3. Linguistic structures and features:
    • Use of simple future: On Monday it will be……..
  4. Vocabulary:
    • Terms for describing the weather, sunny, rainy, cold, warm, etc.
    • Days of the week, morning, afternoon



Learning/teaching context

Language Centre/mainstream class EAL support
Subject/key syllabus objectives, outcomes   Science
Topic/teaching unit  Weather
Assessment conditions
  1. Individual activity: -
  2. Formal/informal: Formal
  3. Time limit: As long as the activity takes – on a daily basis
  4. Teacher intervention:  Limited to response to student request for clarification and encouragement 
  5. Access to resources: Picture cues (see below under Pre-Assessment Activity)
  6. Scaffolding (modelled/guided/independent support): Modelled
  7. Accommodations: -
  • Assessment is based on the first draft
  • Pre-assessment activities can be extended as appropriate for students
  • Students complete the assessment task on a daily basis



Task Implementation

Pre-assessment activity
  • The activity begins with a full class or small group demonstration over 2 or 3 days, with the teacher filling in a class weather chart.
  • Teacher revises vocabulary by showing pictures of different weather: rainy, cloudy, sunny, windy, hot, cold. Click here to view a sample set of pictures for weather vocabulary:Task 3 Pictures for weather vocabulary PDF
  • Teacher models the use of the simple future to forecast weather
  • In pairs students use the pictures to verbally predict what the weather will be like next week
  • Teacher elicits ideas and completes a ten day weather forecast on the whiteboard
  • The teacher removes the ten day forecast
  • Students are given the set of weather pictures (see above) and the teacher's ten day forecast completed. Students cut out the pictures, match them and stick them on to the forecast. Click here to view a sample of a teacher's ten day forecast: Sample Teacher’s 10 day forecast PDF
Assessment activity
  • Students are given a chart showing a ten day forecast for their area with the first box completed as an example. Students complete the chart individually
  • Click here to view task sheet for this assessment: Task 3 Writing Assessment Task PDF
Post-assessment activity
  • Students read to each other what they have written, and then read to the teacher
  • Students make a note of the real weather over the next ten days and compare with the ten day forecast.


This is undergoing development.  Please check back soon.

This is undergoing development.  Please check back soon.

This is undergoing development.  Please check back soon.


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