Making trustworthy assessment decisions

The questions in the TEAL RVEAL assessment instrument have been reviewed by experienced EAL teachers, including teachers in Victoria, trialled and aligned with the EAL curriculum framework. Therefore, if the student is sitting a computer-adaptive test, the final results should provide a validated picture of the student’s ability. However, as not all indicators are assessed by the RVEAL instrument, information from other assessments must also be considered in making a complete judgment. As with all assessments, it is important to remember that while student performance on a test is usually likely to align with their general ability, any assessment is taken at a particular point in a particular setting. Student performance may be affected not just because of factors personal to the child but because of insufficient computer literacy or preparedness for an online test, or problems with the computer network, among other factors.

Many of the vocabulary items are assessed in context, particularly at B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels. This may mean that students know the meaning of the word given in that context but may fail to correctly define the word in a different context or when the word is decontextualised.


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