Getting students ready for an assessment

Preparing students for the assessment tasks will usually involve implementing a short teaching and learning sequence to scaffold the assessment task. The descriptions of the TEAL oral assessment tasks include suggested pre-assessment teaching activities. This ensures students are familiar with the type of task and text they are going to produce. The steps to be taken are set out in the task sheets. Steps will usually include elements such as:

  • introducing a topic, based on prompts of some kind
  • activating knowledge about the topic, such as revising vocabulary, or giving students a text to read
  • analysing generic frameworks for oral text types, such as jointly constructing or re-constructing models, or providing a modelled text for study
  • explaining the assessment task
  • negotiating or sharing assessment criteria
  • undertaking the assessment task
  • providing a concluding activity
  • involving students in assessing their own response.
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