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      I think the TEAL website is a wonderful work in progress. I have been part of the testing and wholly support its existence. You are all doing a great job.
      I came to the TEAL launch and it was very good.
      I am just wondering if I have forgotten something because I can’t find the writing tasks assessment sheets that are referred to throughout the assessments pages…. They are discussed and described but have I missed a link?
      I am most grateful for any reply.
      Thank you,

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      Georgia, not all samples and the corresponding criteria sheets are ready to upload yet. The process has many checks and balances. All tasks have already been made available but collecting, reviewing and preparing samples takes time. If you do use a task with your EAL students which does not yet have samples and assessment criteria, please send me copies to add to the collection! Helen

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      Thanks for your reply, Helen.
      What is the projected timeline for completion of these criteria sheets?

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      Janelle Lugg

      I was after these too. Will keep a look out for them, they are very useful.
      I am an EAL teacher newly arrived students, international students and mainstream. This website it EXTREMELY useful! I can’t wait till its bigger and better and if you need any help with anything, I will help! This is great!

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