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      With the new 2017 curriculum coming out and the addition of the listening assessment task for VCE EAL students, could anyone recommend good listening activities for secondary EAL students to engage in?



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      Hi Natalie,

      You could watch some good TED talks and then analyse what the speaker is saying and how they present their speech using body language, tone of voice and so on. Using graphic organisers is a good way to get students to show their understanding and organise their ideas, eg boxes that identify the contention, arguments and examples in a flow chart design; a Timeline of Ideas table with 3 columns – one on the left has time intervals going down page eg 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute, middle column has ‘What’ heading and third column has ‘How’ heading; a 3-column Gestures Table with a variety of gestures listed on the left, eg Pointing finger, crossing arms etc, the middle column has the heading ‘Argument’ and the right-hand column has the heading ‘How gesture enhances argument’; another table could separate ideas according to 1) basic comprehension questions 2) analysis and inference Qs 3) analysing the method Qs.
      You could also get students to practise their note-taking skills by doing a note-form summary about a speech. It seems that the year 12 EAL exam might still have a note-form summary as an assessment task, so it would be a good idea to keep practising these skills.
      If you are in Melbourne, Ticking Mind offers great PD workshops throughout the term.
      I am happy to clarify anything if it’s not clear. 🙂

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      Rabecca Mphande

      Hi Anna-Lise,
      Thank for the detailed explanation. We are still trying to digest the listening skills component of the new EAL VCE study design. Do you know an EAL VCE expert who we can engage to talk to our EAL staff this term?

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      Hi Rabecca

      I would recommend contacting the VCAA as they are responsible for the VCE EAL Study Design. Keep an eye out for Ticking Mind PD too – they offer really good workshops but can book out quickly.

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