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      Michelle L

      Hi Everyone,

      I had a go at the oral assessment task today – my students are not used to being videoed for assessment, so some were a bit silly at first. Not sure if my recording is long enough – one goes for about two minutes, the other for one and a half minutes. I have young secondary students and a Grade six student, so I chose to do the “What did you have for lunch?” assessment.

      See you all on Friday in Dandenong….
      Michelle L

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      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for sharing that. I think it depends on the language your students used and whether it gave you sufficient material to use the criteria sheets and make a judgement on the students’ language. Pam

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      Rabecca M

      Hi Michelle,
      I can relate to your experience. I was frustrated considering that we had spent more than 4 weeks on the topic. I realised that the first experience to be video recorded can be tricky for the EAL students.

      I had a similar experience last term with my year 8 EAL students. Aiming at giving the students feedback in order to learn from their own work, I showed them their video clips and asked them to analyse each video. A whole class discussion of the data followed. They highlighted areas they did well and those they didn’t. Goals for improvement were set. I gave them an opportunity to present again and they were video recorded. The students were fantastic!

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      Lily P

      Hi Michelle and Rebecca,

      I had a go at the oral assessment task for the first time last week, called, ‘What did you have for lunch?’ I asked two Prep EAL students to have a conversation with one another asking questions about what they had for lunch that day. Before the video we talked about good question starters using ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’ ‘how’ and ‘when’. They are familiar with asking questions beginning with these words because we use them to ask questions during Guided Reading sessions. They seemed quite confident and their conversations flowed after they got going, asking questions based on the information their partner was providing. I used the assessment criteria to identify the AUSVELS EAL stage that they had reached. I placed them on A1 at this stage. I’m hoping I did it correctly. I did not involve myself too much in their conversation, I felt that I did not really need to direct them, they coped quite well. Lily

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      I have found students do get used to being videoed for assessment tasks. I have videoed students to assess oral retell tasks. Before videoing I discuss with them what I will be assessing them on and we re- cap the story together. We then discuss how they feel they went with the re- tell and give them the opportunity to be videoed again if they wish.

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