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      HI everyone
      We’ve just added a link to About Teaching Languages- A professional development program for primary teachers to the TEAL module on Knowing Your Students.
      Scroll to the bottom of this page, to our Reading and Resources section, to find this resource.

      If you use this document when school starts again in 2019, come back and let us know! We’d love to hear which activities you used or those you thought worked really well. (Or if you used this document in the ’90s- share your stories!)
      We hope you’ll enjoy using this amazing resource.


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      Have you used any of the activities from this resource? If you found any pages particularly valuable, please let us know about them here.

      Do you have any other ways/ activities that you get to know/ know about your students? There are always new teachers to EAL and always teachers looking for new ideas.

      If you know of an activity teachers can use at this time of the year, please post ‘reply’. All comments/ideas welcome!


      Thank you

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