17. Modernising a traditional fairy tale

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Task details

Name of writing assessment task Modernising a traditional fairy tale
EAL student stage range  B3, S3, S4
Text orientation Imaginative
Task type Extended response


Task specification

Purpose To assess students’ ability to write a narrative
Description Students independently write an updated version of a traditional fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood
Assumed knowledge and description
  1. Content knowledge: Familiarity with the traditional fairy tale genre and the narrative framework: Setting/problem/development/climax/resolution
  2. Text type, genre: Imaginative, fairy tale narrative
  3. Linguistic structures and features:
    • language typical of fairy tales: 'Once upon a time', 'and they lived happily ever after'
    • repetition of language: Big Bad Wolf
    • use of alliteration, Big Bad Wold, the deep dark forest, etc., similes
    • use of direct speech and reporting verbs
    • simple past tense
    • adjectives to describe settings and characters
    • action words to describe events 
    • connectors of time and reason
  4. Vocabulary:
    • adjectives to describe places, characters
    • action words to describe events
    • reporting verbs 'said', 'cried', 'bellowed'
    • sequencers: 'suddenly', 'and then'



Learning/teaching context

Language Centre/mainstream class  Mainstream class/EAL Support
Subject/key syllabus objectives, outcomes   English
Topic/teaching unit  Fairy tales
Assessment conditions
  1. Individual activity
  2. Formal/informal: Formal
  3. Time limit: One lesson period
  4. Teacher intervention: Limited to response to student request for clarification and encouragement
  5. Access to resources: Students may use their own personal dictionaries, classroom dictionaries and their own notes
  6. Scaffolding (modelled/guided/independent support): Guided
  7. Accommodations: -
  • This assessment is done on students' first draft
  • Pre-assessment activities can be extended as appropriate for students


Task implementation

Pre-assessment activity
  • Teacher revises the themes of Little Red Riding Hood and the main differences between the traditional tale and Roald Dahl's version studied and analysed in lessons before the assessment activities (See link to Roald Dahl's version in 'Resources' above)
  • Click to view the traditional Little Red Riding Hood story: Traditional Little Red Riding Hood story PDF
  • Teacher revises narrative framework
  • Click to view narrative framework: Framework for writing notes PDF
  • Teacher reads his/her version of the story (see attached resources)
  • Click to view sample modernised version of the story: An Updated version of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Students discuss how the teacher has modernised the story and how it fits the generic framework
  • Give out generic narrative framework and allow time for students to plan their own modern version of Little Red Riding Hood (See above)
Assessment activity
  • Students write their modernised story independently based on their notes
  • Click to view task sheet for this assessment: -
Post-assessment activity
  • Students share their stories in groups of three or four
  • Students do self and peer feedback
  • Students are given time to improve their first draft and write a second draft
  • Once the students' work has been read, provide individual and whole class feedback on strengths and individual or global improvement steps
  • Stories are mounted on the wall in the classroom or uploaded into a shared space online

This is undergoing development.  Please check back soon.

This is undergoing development.  Please check back soon.

This is undergoing development.  Please check back soon.



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